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1. Pool System/ Draw
The official draw for the playing schedule of the Jom Ha Voetbal will be held in May. Teams from different countries will be split evenly between the groups as much as possible.

2: Yellow and Red Card
a) 1 yellow card = suspension for the next game
b) 2 yellow cards in one game = see c red card
c) red card = suspension for the following game(s) up to suspension for the rest of the tournament
Attention: Putting suspended players on the field will result in a technical loss for all games by 3-0 and suspension for the captain for one year.

3: Substitutions
A player is only allowed to play in a team when his name is on the players’ list. Those lists should be in the possession of Jom Ha Voetbal beforehand. There is no limit to the number of substitutions allowed during a game; however, once a player has been substituted, he is prohibited from taking any further part in that game. Attention! It is strictly forbidden to play in another team or to let a player participate that is not mentioned on the list.
Attention: Ignoring of this rule will result in a technical loss for all games at 3-0 and suspension for the captain for one year.

4: Age Limits
Players are allowed to play in only one team above their age group, but not in a team below it.

5: Appointment Group Winner
The group winner will be fixed on the following items in ascending order:
1st: The most points
2nd: Highest goal difference
3rd: Highest goals score
4th: The best mutual result
If item 1 does not give not a winner, the winner will be fixed on item 2 etc. And if 1 to 4 still does not give a winner, the game will be decided with penalties in the ‘series of 3’ followed by 1 / 1 series.

6: DT/ JMT
The tournament starts at 08.30 AM sharp local DT. Teams arriving at any game in JMT or with fewer than 8 players (senior section), lose that game through disqualification (= 3-0). Attention: Teams with 8 players (senior section) can and must start the game.
The ‘home side’ (direction sports hall) is the first mentioned team according to the program; the ‘away game’-team starts the game (no toss !) and starts the game with his ball.

7: Change of Program
The time the teams are playing and the fields the teams are playing on, are decided according to the official program, but the Tournament Leader is always authorized to change the program ! Therefore please pay attention. The captain always must report his team to the Field master 5 minutes before each game according to the official program and follow the instructions of the Leader/ Speaker. Ignoring this means losing the game by 3-0!

8: Dressing Rooms
Because many teams share the dressing rooms with each other, they will not be locked for practical reasons. Please leave your valuables at home or at your hotel. Jom Ha Voetbal cannot be held responsible for loss or theft of valuables.