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Public Transport
Do NOT take a taxi at the Airport. Instead, take the train to “Amsterdam Zuid”. The location of Jom Ha Voetbal is on walking distance from the trainstation. The address is Maurice Ravellaan 4 in Amsterdam.

Taxi Airport
If you prefer a taxi or mini bus: book in advance (also for your return flight).

Taxi Amsterdam

  • Do NOT take a taxi in Amsterdam, take the bus or tram.
  • Take only a taxi with the plate “TCA” (= Taxi Central Amsterdam) on the roof.
  • Ask in advance what the approximate cost of the ride will be.
  • Check the price list, which should be visible on the outside and inside of a taxi
  • Ensure that the taxi driver always turns on the meter.

Soccer teams do not have a good reputation at hotels in Amsterdam. It is advised to register your reservation as a “youth club or school trip”.

Price/ quality/ location:
Holiday Inn Express Amsterdam South
email:; phone: +31-20-820 3040
Ibis budget Amsterdam South
email: ; phone: +31-20-715 4333

Both hotels are located in the Jewish community of Amsterdam and Amstelveen (tounament).
Synagogues are within walking distance, and special Shabbat amenities are available in the hotel.