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Code of Honour

The rules of the Maccabi-World-Federation and the Royal Dutch Football Association apply at Jom Ha Voetbal. This means that only teams with Jewish players and/or members of their families can compete. For organizational reasons for this big one-day tournament, some of the official football rules have been changed or adapted. Participation in the Jom Ha Voetbal means that the captain accepts full responsibility for his team to respect the Jom Ha Voetbal rules and to live up to them by fair play. Captains have full responsibility to ensure that their team members will return home in a safe manner and that they will play in accordance with the following Code of Honour. The Captain should:

  • Not delay cancelling participation in Jom Ha Voetbal, should the necessity arise, so that other teams can take part instead. Under no circumstances should cancellations be made less than 2 weeks before the start of the Jom Ha Voetbal, since this will prevent other teams from playing some of their scheduled games.
  • Protect the players, the Tournament Leader and the referee against unfair play / misbehaviour by members of their own team.
  • Immediately stop any unsportsmanlike conduct between participants and replace such player at once without any regard as to who started the incident. It goes without saying that the captain should interfere before the referee does it for him.
  • Set a good example to the players by respecting the decision of the referee or the Tournament Leader without protest regardless of their personal opinion!
  • Never allow your men, your linesman or supporters to protest against the decision of the referee or the Tournament Leader.
  • Make any complaints and protests about the referee (should it be necessary) after the game, to the Tournament Leader. The Tournament Leader is responsible for the quality of the referees. Our organization will look into the matter in a serious manner, in order to improve the level of the referees in a positive way.
  • Make sure that you players wear shin-pads.
  • Respect the age groups/ limits
  • Help the referee by providing a linesman, for instance a member of your team.
  • At all times set a sporting example for the youth players who look at, and look up to, your international team while you are playing.
  • Be aware that you are responsible for the good name of the Jewish organization you are representing, as well as your community and country. The press will be covering Jom Ha Voetbal.
  • Attention! It’s of no relevance who is to blame for it, who started etc. etc. For the Tournament Leader, only one issue matters: who acts unfairly or as hooligan or give a bad sporting example to the youth is always wrong, whatever the reason may be.
  • Thanks to the captains, heavy and strict penalties have hardly been necessary. Keep up this unique tradition.